Hello and welcome

My name is Gigi, but you can address me as Goddess or Princess. I’m 19 years old, and you might think I may not know how to control or dominate and might be lacking experience. Well, see you are in for a rude awakening because I have more dominance in me than those twice and three times my age. Don’t let my age fool you for a second.

I am a total California girl/ Florida Girl with a twist. Born In Southern California and raised both in  Socal and Soflo. The Sunshine State and The Golden State have molded me into a complete sexy bratty princess. What do you expect when its bikini season all year long practically? Now its time for the twist 😉 I am a sexy latina on top of it all. I’m Part Spaniard and French & Greek.

I am fluent in Spanish, so if you are wondering hell, yes, I can dominate you in both languages. I’m into all sorts of music genres and have a deep-rooted love for crystals and all things mystical and magical. My favorite color is purple. I love to shop and show off cause its the best feeling in the world to stop traffic wherever you go. I’m into fitness and am an avid Soul Cycler. I enjoy CrossFit, Yoga and Dance, I am a theatre nerd like a true thespian, Also love to read and dabble in some DIY.

I look forward to Guiding, Dominating, Controlling, Learning all the things that make you weak/happy. they all go hand in hand. 😉


Email me at Gigi Enchangigi@enchantrixempire.com

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