A Submissive Cum Eating loser now knows the rules!

Yes, its true I have managed to make my boyfriend a complete Submissive Cum Eating loser after all. It wasn’t quite hard, to be honest. In all actuality, I think I picked him because he was the perfect loser who could submit and still give me all the material things I adore. It is so lovely to have rich submissive losers are a total blast. There’s nothing like A passive significant other. They worship the ground you walk on and want to keep you happy like the perfect princess you are. In all honesty, that is how it should be.

My theory proves true about Submissive Losers

I have found that my sub boyfriends will grant most of my desires nonsexual, and on the other hand, my favorite boy toys are somewhat broke and can’t satisfy all my needs, but they do meet me in different ways. My sexual fantasies can always get fulfilled, and all it takes is the right touch from those special friends. I ended up having a personal trainer meet up with me. My fantasy is a cuckold significant other who can watch me take every cock but his.

A true Submissive Cum eating loser. My Boyfriend, of course, paid all the fees and kept me happy by letting me handle all I needed at his expense, of course. When I chose my trainer, I picked the absolute best. I like a vigours workout and want to put work in when I am working up a sweat. My trainer of choice exceeds all my goals and needs. You can guess pretty much what would happen in our sessions. I’d get pounded nice and hard, and I’d ultimately have my perfect pussy pounded.

He paid for my pleasure

The thought about possibly getting caught drives me wild. Whenever I get my trainers meat inside me, it is the best. My trainer’s firm body against mine and having him thrust deep inside me, making me beg for more, is incredible. An adrenaline rush pumps through me, and the possibility of my pathetic boyfriend walking-in has me going berzerk and to think he paid unknowingly for me to get a real mans cock.  In all actuality, can you blame me? I have to pretend my loser boyfriend is the moon and the stars. Well, after a long session with my one on one trainer, my devious plan of revealing what is it that I truly am doing. It’s quite simple I am enjoying myself. I love to dominate and without a doubt to control.

Once he gets a taste of my strap on he will be hooked.

I then, trick him and make him my submissive cum eating loser. After he’s had all the cum filled inside me, he then gets a special surprise—my toy cock, which in all reality is way better than his shrimp dick. Can he be even more pathetic? Then, my cock glides deep inside him like the whore he is for me. Without hesitation, he says yes to my idea. Still, he isn’t questioning all that salty-sweet cream from my cunny. After all, I think I want to reveal it in quite a particular way. After all, a goddess knows what makes her pussy feel good and what doesn’t. Nevertheless, I won’t stop after one or two trysts. For example, if your cock can make me squirt, I want more. All in all my focus is myself.  Whether it hurts or bothers anyone else it doesn’t matter to me. For instance, I once made that crystal clear when I went on a date with a complete doormat.


Once I’m in deep, my mean girl side comes out.

I’m such a mean girl that I begin to humiliate him and dominate him. I begin to thrust and fuck him and let him know my true feelings. After I pick up the tempo, I then allowed my dirty secret out and told him I fuck the trainer. Like a real loser, he tells me he knew from the start and has always craved domination by a sensual, sexy goddess who could care less about a loser. A Submissive Cum eating loser to be exact. To sum up, I won’t ever stop I do whatever I want, and it will always be that way. Whether I make you suck my toy cock or make you my cuckold all night long. Above all, my satisfaction is all that matters. I dominate them all I am Goddess  Gigi, and I will dominate you!