A Spoiled Princess can ruin you easily.

It is not that hard to do, quite honestly. When you have a spoiled princess, you will, for sure, Become a Cocktease for me. I’m all for showing you how much I can ruin every bit of you. I will gladly ruin your orgasm and your ability to function. If I want something, I tend to get it in a snap of a finger usually. It is the most empowering feeling ever to make you jump whenever I feel, I should. Its no surprise I get my way. I possess all the assets to make you the weakest man on earth. From the top of my pretty head to the bottom of my cute pink toes, you will have no choice but to submit and wait and without a doubt beg.

So how does it begin?

you spot me and instantly, its love at first sight. An angelic babe who looks so innocent and sweet. simultaneously looking like a goddess, you know there’s more to me. The way I act and take charge. If you want me badly, be prepared for what’s to come with the ride. I’m devious when it comes to men. Especially those who naturally submit quickly. The more I see how desperately you want me, the more I take advantage in so many ways.

Show me you’re a fan. Please don’t say it proves it now.

Talk is cheap, so walk the talk and show me you will drop to your knees and beg princess that you want to worship. How can you start? Well, for instance, a Spoiled Bratty Princess is a happy princess. Put in work in so many different ways. You choose to show me how serious your intent is because you want to have access to my presence. Whether it is as friends or lovers or more, you know its all a treat. Lucky for me, I’m pretty sure it is more transactional. I want it; I have to have it, and it is all because of men who love to pull out the red carpet and worship the ground I walk on.

You melt in my hands, and I’m free to do what I want with you. A spoiled bratty princess loves when you get her all she desires but also when you answer to her beck and call. I don’t care if you’re at an important meeting or have things urgently pending. I’m a top priority, and that’s how you will learn to love it before you can even blink. It is true that princesses have the best experiences and dress so feminine and beautiful. It is quite alluring and keeps you hooked. A living goddess who says what’s on her mind and doesn’t have to apologize. Now you know very well who you answer to because instinctively I take over you.

I come first always

You will never get the right to enjoy being the most important. As you will soon see, the roles will never be reversed. I come first in every sense. I might show you how I rub my pretty pussy after a long day of shopping and spoiling. There you can be entertained. You may also get lucky and have some Guided Masturbation from the goddess herself. Well, to be clear, my gorgeous hands will not be touching you. Instead, we can play a game, and I may let you jerk it and work it till you blast. Don’t think I will be too nice. After all, I’m a Spoiled Princess, and I want to make you edge till you wait and beg. It’s all fun and games till you have to have to get my approval and my blessing to shoot.