Sissy Princess Maker likes to teach you!

I am the perfect Sissy Princess Maker.  after all, I am all for men that are real men that know how to take charge.  Not little prissy bitches. Once I find a defect in a guy, I usually am all about personally breaking them down. It’s actually a fun game I’ve gotten used to partaking in, quite frankly. The more you obsess with me, the more I want to ruin you and make you my toy. First and foremost, I want you to get even weaker. After I have you where I want you I will have you where you belong on your knees for me of course. You can’t help but be the one to worship goddess Gigi.

the more you try, the less I bite

It clicks instantly in my mind, and then there’s no turning back from that now. I’m about to give you something you crave, and you can’t even admit it to yourself. Without a doubt, you will beg for me to be the Sissy Princess Maker you have always needed in your life. I see how you look at me from head to toe. I know you have to admit that obsession has taken over, and you must tell me how you feel and more importantly, show me. The more you try, the less I bite. The thing is, you seem more like a fan rather than a man to me. When I figure that out, there’s no turning back from that notion. Then, it’s time to explore what’s in mind. I can’t help but go the extra mile and inflict all the thoughts in my head.

Obsession takes over you.

Now that I know you’re a weak one, you idolize me. You think you will get lucky when I inevitably invite you over for some fun. Next, you make think you will get off and have a blast with this sexy goddess. All in all the thing I want most is to show you that you have a double life to explore. My promise is that you will make me happy if, in fact, you will let me take control. Time for me to show you how to explore those deep fantasies hidden. A little Bratty babe dress-up will do for some tantalizing fun. You can the obsession takes over you.

Learn the ropes, and you too can score a fun night.

I’m the Sissy Princess Maker and I will be opening the door to a whole new world. After you realize that wearing some make-up and dressing up can make you a total sissy you get hard. Now is when the actual fun starts. You begin to learn the ropes, and you, too, can score a fun night. It’s time to submit and realize that you’re my project, after all, is said and done. That’s right, and I love that you have fallen into the sissy world. Men should wear dresses if they’re, in fact, sissies to the core. I sure do enjoy that I can open you to what you crave so badly.