Perfect Joi Domination Will Make You Coming Back for More

Perfect Joi Domination is quite the treat when you look at it from a different angle. Let’s break it down a bit. There’s no reason to deny you have quite the addiction to jerking off and wanking your pecker. You can’t seem to leave your dick alone! Its time you learn to give up the power. Don’t touch. Keep your hands off your cock.

It can be painfully hard to leave your cock alone. Its no doubt you have an addiction. After all, You can’t hide it any longer, and it is clear. When you get home, the first thing you crave is to watch porn and let your imagination run wild. Why deny yourself of an orgasm when it feels so good?

Discipline your dick

A little discipline goes a long way. Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about losing control. Every man has that fantasy hidden deep inside. There’s no reason to feel shame about your wants. It is perfectly normal, and why not have some fun with the Perfect Joi Domination goddess tell you how to stroke. Not only is am I sweet, but I’m stern too.

Don’t think for a second my angelic aura is to be taken seriously. I will make sure you know who the boss is before you can even blink. Don’t think you can walk all over me. I’m far more intense and domineering than you can ever even picture. I can be quite the Bratty Princess. You’re more than twice and possibly triple my age, and you still submit to me like a slave. What I say goes. Its how it should always be.

My puppet forever

You will fall under my spell so easily. It is quite interesting to see you attempt to fight back. Don’t waste your time. My puppet forever, you will be as you hand over the keys to destruction. As I make you rock hard and tease you to the point of no return,

I won’t allow you to lay, not one finger on that dick. It will be the worst case of blue balls. A minute will feel like an eternity. I like that you find it so easy to give up control. I knew you would comply with my every command. Now forever, you will crave Perfect Joi Domination from me. 

Nothing will compare to my ability to mind control you. Before you know it, you can feel your cock twitch with every insult and each cock pinch. How can you be so aroused by Domination and Humiliation? I laugh at your cock and tell you how pathetic it looks. I like the look on your face and desperation of wanting to bust a nut. 

Let’s play a game

A game to keep it interesting. Once I give you the green light, you can stroke. When I see you about to explode, I torture you and scream red. Its almost a cum explosion, but I put a stop to it before you could even step into nirvana. It is not that easy. Without a doubt, you won’t be getting that climax till I wear you out.

Once I have my way, I will make you explode. I love that you listen and stay on your knees like a loser for me. My complete puppet for life. The Perfect Joi Domination has you hooked.