Obey Dominant Goddess

The first step into pleasing a dominant woman is knowing you will never truly please her. Even if you try your darndest, you won’t be able to satisfy her every need. Don’t fret. You can surely bring her joy and humor by converting yourself into who you really are deep down. A Goddess will make her own rules, and if you aren’t keen on waiting on her and coping with the fact that her life is hers and you only get a small fraction of her time. You might now have the ability to be a fit for her life. Also, Know that she will tell her friends about you and let them all in on every moment spent with you. It won’t be long till eventually the goddess even films the action. Obey Dominant Goddess, and you too might be able to be a long-term slave.

I GET whatever I want, and it might sound bratty, but when you call the shots and look like the bee knees, you can do that and much more.

Anticipate Great Satisfaction

I don’t think you won’t get any attention actually as a goddess. I think about my slaves quite a bit, and like I did mention, all my friends know exactly how much fun I have with each one. As my slave, you anticipate great satisfaction because the one rule is to obey! Don’t deny ever what will please me. Obey dominant goddess, and you will have a nice long-term orgasm denial. That may not sound like something you truly want as a man but let’s be real here you’re not a man. My little sissy is far from a male. The truth is this is your destiny, and you will enjoy as the goddess pleases herself with real men as you sit there admiring. I know you want to help out, but that’s something you will have to earn in due time.

For now, realize that you will watch from a distance or, better yet, only get to hear. One of my guilty pleasures is torture and tease. Hear me as I take a real man’s cock, and you only get to listen in on the fun. That’s right, hear your goddess as she receives pleasure. The ultimate guide to obeying is to follow the rules. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

Trap A Slut

Time to test your loyalty and see if you can enjoy some long-term chastity. It’s a lifestyle like no other. It is giving up the right to rub your nub whenever you please. Obey dominant goddess by abiding. But, I  do want you to wear that chastity for eternity if she chooses. It may be months or even years, never days or weeks. I want something real, and you must commit to me. I want to trap a slut, not any slut but a sissy slut. It’s time to commit and show me you can truly do all these things and more.

I’m goddess Gigi, and I will dominate you! 😉