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As all of you who have spoken with me and got to know me, I am an avid masturbation advocate, and have an off the charts high sex drive, which is why Enchantrix Empire is my very special place and it keeps me out of trouble, if my partners are not at easy reach, I have all of YOU!!! To masturbate with! So a big THANK YOU for that!

Now, masturbation is an amazing and perfectly natural practice, and even so it may still feel like it is frowned upon

There seem to be taboo and stigma attached to masturbation, and this can lead to immense guilt, shame and stress!  But don’t you worry, I got you my loves! I will help you see how there is nothing to worry about and by all means, Masturbation IS healthy, fun, and beneficial.

As a matter of fact, MANY sexual health experts are of the opinion  that  masturbation has immense health benefits so here are some of them:

The definite benefits of masturbation

So there are many studies that have proven beyond doubt that masturbation is indeed highly beneficial for physical and mental health.

As well as benefit you in the following ways:

Masturbation is very pleasurable, and that’s the primary reason why everyone does it.  – Everyone masturbates. You know your body best and what feels good and you are your own feel-good expert, So go for it!
Masturbation is basically a form of self-exploration and therefore helps you better understand what your sexual needs and desires are. – When you explore yourself in the most fun and healthy way, you realize what it is that makes you tick, and what you need to achieve arousal. Never hide from your true desires! We support you!
It improves sex with a partner because once you know what you like, you can guide your partner to optimum mutual pleasure. – When you know what makes you reach the great stars of pleasure, you are open and honest with yourself so you can be a better communicative and responsive lover to your partner! Way to go!
Masturbation releases built-up stress boosts your mood and helps you relax better. – And relaxation helps concentration and productivity! A good mood is something we can all use more of! Right?
The relaxing outcome of masturbation has also been linked to better sleep quality. –

We all know the amazing healing benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep.

So don’t worry, it is within easy reach- just rub one off and to the land of zzz you go! See? That was easy!
Self and mutual masturbation are good ways to avoid d sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while ensuring sexual pleasure. And it times of Lockdown and Pandemics how fun was that to give each other pleasure whilst being 100% risk and covid free!
Hey Guys Did you know that In a 2019 study by Harvard Medical School researchers showed that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a 33% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. Masturbation can, therefore, improve prostate health! So what greater reason than to call us Ladies of LDW to help you release that load and gain a LOAD of Health!

So I hope you will join us for a fun masturbation session! Your very health depends on it haha!!!

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