Hot Erotic Manipulation is addicting.

Once you have the ability to enjoy the best, you won’t ever want to settle for less. I have my fair share of encounters with those who want nothing more than my approval. The sight of a true goddess is comparing to a gem. My favorite Hot Erotic manipulation occurred not long ago. The presence of this goddess demands to be worshipped in every sense. Body worship is my favorite.

When I was staying at a hotel and decide to make my way down to the pool something interesting happens. To begin with, it’s no surprise that the sunny weather is calling out to me for many reasons. Mainly I enjoy showing off my assets, and of course, I take any chance and opportunity to show off my body. Since I am sure to enjoy the day out I have a decision to make, I pull out the array of bikini’s, and it’s a hard choice, but ultimately the skin-tight white bikini is the one.

It has to go with subtle Christian Louboutins, and off I go with my red bottom heels and sunglasses. I grab a poolside robe, and I find myself enjoying the resort pool alone. Lucky me, I think to myself. I decide to sit back and catch up on some text messages and then take a swim. Not long after, I notice a secret admirer.

All he wants is to be sly and get a peek of me.

I’m a bit annoyed but then think to myself, it’s the perfect opportunity to manipulate this pool boy. Hot Erotic Manipulation can be quite the mindfuck. I like to ruin all men, so why not?  My immediate reaction is to call him out on his shit. Instead, I call out to him to come to me. The priceless look on his face is enough satisfaction. In my mind, I want to torture him, and he’s annoyed me to the brink of no return. I’m about to have a blast with this little spy.

Introduce yourself

The pool boy tells me his name is Willard, and I begin to giggle. I can tell I embarrass him, so I do what I do best and humiliate him some more. “Pool Boy” is your name. Then I tell him I will address you like that or slave. Next, I command him to make himself useful and apply sunscreen on my body. I tell him not to miss any spots and to massage it on me too. A nice sensual massage is what I need. In reality, I want to make him weak. You know I have put him in quite the mind fuck. It’s too amusing. I’m not going to lie; I am enjoying it to the max.

The pool boy slave is panting and beyond excited. Instead of causing a scene, I decided to bless him with some Hot Erotic Manipulation. Next, I tell him how badly I want to return the favor to him. Pool boy has quite the hard-on, and I compliment him on his size. Take it off I declare. The pool boy slave begins to panic he’s nervous and in shock and a million thoughts are going through his head. I’m sure he’s in disbelief this is even happening.

Don’t be a little bitch

You can show me your package, and I won’t tell anyone, and no one will see. Finally, after I have told him repeatedly, don’t be a little bitch, and I have promised to give him a handjob, he caves. Perfect slave, show me your cock, and I will jerk it for you. At first, I laughed at his cock, but then another thing crosses my mind. The cherry on top of this whole situation.

The exact thing that will make a lesson learned comes right to me. What’s crueler than to stroke him to the point of climaxing and right before he’s about to explode. The ruination of an orgasm will make the best hot erotic manipulation ever. So I did it, and as soon as I felt him tense up, I got up and left him to whimper alone. My devious laugh doesn’t hold back. After that encounter,


I used him in some other ways that I will be sure to write about soon, but until next time I am Goddess Gigi, and I will dominate you.