Caught stroking now you have to pay

Caught stroking now you have to pay in man ways I deem necessary. The last thing I want is a submissive pet to go against my wishes, and if you do so, prepare to pay the consequences. I have a few times encountered a stroking sissy. I always handle the situation in a sort of exciting way. Each occasion has a unique approach and is tailor-made to the submissive pet.

I tend to go for the jugular in situations of disobedience. Meaning I like to make a submissive individual so transparent and blunt with their fears that I take it in and store it in a bit of memory box and use it when I feel appropriate. While catching a male stroke isn’t out of this world unusual, it is quite the opposite of unusual It’s human nature. The problem with human nature is that it is a thought or action that is inherited.

Making you my submissive entertainment

After all,  maybe you think I shouldn’t express such strict rules because undoubtedly, it’s not your fault that you have the urge to stroke more than to breathe. Well, there’s where you fail to realize that I am the goddess that makes the rules, so I will do as I please and make you my submissive entertainment. I will make you pay for a jerkin, the little gherkin of yours.

I’m confident that you have a dilemma in wondering if the size of your penis matters. In short, it does matter how big your little weewee is, and that is a fact. If you have to ask yourself, “Is my penis too small“? Spoiler alert it is too small. If you make your way to the locker rooms at the gym and see guys with big cocks and you have to stare or take a double look, yes, yours is too small.

You can answer your question because it’s clear you can’t compare. You now have rules and have a goddess giving you commandments to live by because your cock doesn’t measure up and never will. No special cream or pump will provide you with lasting results. When you are dealt with these cards, you have to succumb to the reality that you need a mistress who will take you far beyond any fantasy and make it a reality.

The next step is to make you pay

Now that we clear that out of the way, the next step is to make you pay for not having self-discipline, and indeed it will be with your biggest fear. As your goddess, I learn what’s in your mind. All the thoughts that intrude your noggin, I will know. It is about letting your mistress in fully and giving her full access to your life. When I figure you out, I know how to handle you. I’m sure you have your fears, and you should because I will use them against you. What I will do is make you so comfortable in telling me. You will be beyond transparent with me.

When you least expect it, you will be deceived. I’m a fair mistress, though, so don’t worry. I promise I will set the rules up and let you follow them. Now it is up to you to walk in the discipline trail. You must follow the path of not breaking the rules. As a submissive zombie, you must satisfy your goddess and let her powers ring in your mind. You walk, eat, sleep and breathe all she asks of you. Don’t ask any questions you must do. Take action and let her know she’s right.

All about the safe world and how important it is to have one.

It’s time to learn about your safe term word and how important it is to have one. Now I have a sissy who loves to obey, but sometimes he doesn’t. Now when he doesn’t, he knows he will have quite the evening. The fear he has is humiliation in public. Wearing a sissy outfit out in a busy intersection is tragic. In this sissies head, all he worries about is judgment. We had an agreement he would not get a stroke, and with a device implant, I can tell when he does.

One particular evening I got the alert that I had a stroker in my hands. So without much thought, I made my way to the sissy and had him cry and beg not to go out in pink panties to the beach. Tough luck do the crime do time, silly sissy. I sat back and watched that sissy walk through the busy area and could see the sissy panting and having difficulty breathing. It was the sight of a sissy in distress, so that’s where the safe word comes to play. If it weren’t for the magical word “coconut,” I think that particular sissy would have had a full-on panic attack. It would be to the point we would have a sissy down. Now, this is why a safe little word is crucial.

Until next time folks, I’m Goddess Gigi, and I will dominate you.